Douds Stone, LLC

Road Stone & Base Rock

At Douds Stone, LLC our roadstone is a crushed limestone, we include fines to provide a compactible surface. As for base rock products, they are typically used under various paved surfaces.

Clean Stone & Washed Products

Clean stone contains a very small amount of fines. Most of the fines have been removed in a screening process. Our products are washed by removing the fines from the roadstone. The fines are removed using a wash plant.

Erosion Stone

Erosion stone is also a clean stone but larger.  It is often used to control erosion problems.

Rip Rap

Rip Rap is typically large rocks and will vary in size from 6 to 30 inches.


Aglime is typically used to enhance fertilizer applications. It also helps to control the PH balance of the soil so the fertilizer can function more efficiently. We test all of our aglime piles for effective calcium carbonate content (ECC). ECC is measured in pounds per ton.

At Douds Stone, LLC we produce aglime at the following quarries. To learn more about where our quarries are located go to our locations page.

Sand & Gravel

We process all of our sand products to remove the sediments. Gravel Products are otherwise known as river rock.