Larry H. Lemon Awards


• Work on CR T61 in Appanoose County, Iowa, from Highway 2 to CR J3T. The existing road was in poor condition, so the company worked with the county and used a granular interlayer to help retard the reflective cracking. The 5.5-mile overlay project included widening the standard 22-foot road to 26 feet by adding two feet of hot mix asphalt base to each side. The existing concrete roadway and the base widening were overlaid with 1.5-inches of the granular interlayer. Two hot mix asphalt lifts were then placed over the granular interlayer.


• Work on Chestnut Road from State Route 44 to the Carroll County line in Guthrie County, Iowa. The company did an overlay on a heavily deteriorated road, taking particular care when paving close to a historic farmstead. Norris Asphalt Paving incorporated 20 percent reclaimed asphalt pavement into the mixes for the project.

• Work on Peru Road in Madison County, Iowa. The company performed cold-in-place recycling before doing the asphalt resurfacing. It used green paving techniques, incorporating 18 percent reclaimed asphalt pavement in the intermediate and surface courses. The company produced a consistently excellent project with very high ratings for its smoothness.